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  • email security iconEmail Security Services
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    Email Security Services

    Hosted Spam Filtering with no softwareto install or updates to manage.

    Protection against spam, email viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service attacks and data loss for your organizeation, without the time or expense of managing hardware and software systems. Any mail server on any platform.

  • real time icon Real Time Updates
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    Real Time Updates

    Automatically updated, powerful virus and spam definitions to maintain a real-time up-to-date protection against email-borne viruses

    Frequent updates for timely, comprehensive, and accurate spam and viruses protection. Blocking spam and viruses before they impact your business, network performance or employee productivity.

  • redundant services iconRedundant Services Network
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    Redundant Services Network

    Geographically separated redundant spam firewalls ensure the continued flow of your email through.

    Redundnacy is key to our service high availability. We spool email as needed for 72 hours in the event of you have an on-premises disruption.

  • knowledgable experts iconKnowledgable Experts
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    Knowledgable Experts

    Our expert staff can help answer even the most challenging of questions.

    When you're a Nxth0p customer, your satisfaction is our top priority. We are passionate about customer service and believe in long business relationships.

  • email reporting white iconReporting
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    Standard and advanced email analytics reporting service. As the admin for your domain, you can select daily, weekly or monthly reports on your spam filtering.

  •  data loss iconData Loss Prevention
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    Data Loss Prevention

    Protect sensitive data and communications with automatic quarantine or encyption based on custom policies, key words, or content.

    Nxth0p data loss prevention helps small and midsize organizations prevent leaks, enforce compliance, and protect their brand and reputation.

  • tapeless automated iconTapeless Automated Backups
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    Tapeless Automated Backups

    Restore individual user mailboxes, databases or complete servers with an on-premise appliance fully integrated with offsite replication.

    Zero per-application, per-server, agent, or virtual backup fees. Maintain multiple retention policies and recovery points on and off premise all with the ability to restore data at with really really fast speeds.

  • To the Cloud! Or Not.
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    To the Cloud! Or Not.

    Nxth0p Backup combines software, in-line deduplication, and offsite cloud or private replication without per-server or per-application licensing fees.

    Having a copy of your data on premise is a given but do you really want it in the cloud? If not, we understand and that's why we have a private cloud solution as well.
    On-Premise backup with offsite replication to a private cloud, public cloud or both.

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Pricing Plan for 50 mailboxes and upto 0 GB Email Backup Plan

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$ 98
$ 40
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$ 388
Per Quarter
$ 392
$ 160
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$ 802
Per Year
$ 1176
$ 480
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$ 1906

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