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    Email Security Services

    Employ advanced threat protection technology that filters inbound and outbound email for spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. Be confident that Nxth0p will provide the same high level protection for small and medium-size enterprises email as large protected every second of every day.

    Filter all malicious and inappropriate email that could negatively impact an organization, before it reaches email servers or users inboxes. Our interface logs all emails - inbound and outbound which pass through a company's system, providing for end to end message traceability and delivery. Email Tags can be attached to all filtered email with each business' own compliance guidelines. When configured for outbound mail services any viruses, malware or other malicious content will be block or quarantined as required. As a result, a company can provide protection to the intended recipients while protecting the professional reputation of its organization.

    Multi-Layer Threat Protection

    Targeted email attacks containing malicious links and attachments represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. Nxth0p leverages advanced technology to provide smaller enterprises with a complete URL and attachment management service. But we couldn't stop there Nxth0p also uses inclusive of predictive sandboxing, advanced malware detection and real-time dynamic analysis features in addition to leveraging intent analysis to identify and thwart spammers.

    Email Encryption

    Nxth0p enables small and midsize enterprises to enforce data security policy transparently to end users. Emails that contain sensitive data are automatically encrypted and the data is made secure. Send encrypted email automatically - without your organization's end users having to take any action. Senders simply press send.


    With the added ability of notifying the instant and email is quarantine rest assured that business critical email receives the attention it deserves.

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    High Availability

    Ensure that email communications are up and running like normal at all times - even when there is partial network failure.

    Emergency Inbox: access to email if unexpected downtime occurs

    Make sure your business email is fully operational at all times, even if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits. Many email continuity systems only activate after a disaster, but our emergency inbox is activated the very moment a problem occurs. The result: your company won't miss a single email. With our easy-to-use webmail client, gain full access to read, forward, compose, and reply to email, as well as to open attachments - with all email scanned as usual for any content rules that were previously set. Such functionality means the outside world will have no idea when you're experiencing technical difficulties, and your organization will experience business as usual.

    Instant Redelivery: Resend deleted or lost emails

    Retrieve successfully delivered emails that may have been mistakenly deleted or accidentally removed from servers. With a click of a button, every end user has the ability to resend any of these deleted emails in its original format. For office managers and email administrators, this feature offers a much more effective and simpler alternative to performing time-consuming backup restores.

    Email Spooling and Failover: instant automatic activation and continuous protection

    With automatic spooling, multiple server support and inbound queue protection get instant and automatic email spooling and failover activation, without requiring any administration intervention. Administrators have access to control automatic failover order and status, and enable a quick, automatic reset to the primary site. Nxth0p automatically detects and monitors destination server availability alerting you of any changes in availability or service.

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    Backup Services

    Be secure using our 10-year cloud archive - where you can manage your data, prevent leakage, have easy access for discovery, achieve regulatory compliance, remove storage limitations, and reduce on-going costs. The archive can dramatically reduce the internal growth of pst files, with data stored separately from other users and secured with a unique encryption key.

    Safe and Secure On-Premise and Off

    Store data offsite in an encrypted format that does not allow for any changes to be made to the original - with individual and controlled global access, depending on a company's needs and policies.

    Easily retrieve a specific email or attachment

    Access data from our email archive that comes with advanced search capabilities for fast and easy retrieval of a specific email or attachment. This is particularly useful in civil and criminal litigation, as emails are often considered a particularly valuable source of evidence.

    Complete Traceability and Retention Policy

    Use full journaling to archive email and capture every single message delivered outbound, inbound and internally. Avoid unsecured gaps in a company's email data, and achieve full transparency. Also set specific retention policies, with the option to exclude certain messages for important purposes such as legal hold.

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